Link's Landing

Located right off Burnside, this home is conveniently placed within skipping distance to the Max (Portland's light rail). With a large family room that has enough space for group meetings and some intermediate yoga, you will be sure to feel right at home. Link's landing has brand new EVERYTHING from the carpet and trim to the TV's and laundry facilities. The House is located just 5 minutes north of MUV fitness at mall 205, which all tenants get a free membership to for the extent of their stay with us. Laundry/dish soap, toiletries, towels, and linens are all provided to our tenants at their request to insure their comfort.
TV Services we provide. …Because we believe you’re worth it

Amazon Prime
Xfinity on demand
HBO max


8 NE 109th Ave

Portland OR 97220

Manager: Kenny Waterhouse 

Cell: (971) 429-5270