Do you guys have single rooms?
Our program requires that you have a roommate. The ability to isolate is one of the most common factors in a relapse (second only to girlfriends/boyfriends). For this reason, and to further encourage community, we only have shared rooms available to new tenants. Single rooms become available with seniority and confidence in your sobriety. 
How much does it cost to get in?
Rent ranges from $650.00 to $1000.00 a month with a $100.00 nonrefundable move-in fee.
Do you guys accept rental assistance from *insert agency here*?
Of course! It is the tenants responsibility to facilitate the acquisition of funds and/or a promissory note until funds arrive. 
I really need a place to stay but only have half of your move in costs right now. If I can prove I'm working/pulling income, can we work something out?
Hell yes, get in here. 
Do I have to go to meetings/provide meeting slips?
Does going to meetings help your recovery? If your answer is no than our answer is no.
Is there a curfew/black out/probationary period?
We aren't your dad and we believe trying to act like it can be triggering, so no. HOWEVER, dishonesty/using will get you put on certain restrictions or removed from the house entirely. 
If I relapse, will I be kicked out?
Not usually. Our job is to help you through this difficult time and it's our belief that relapse is a part of recovery, anyway. However, being under the influence in the house or becoming confrontational/violent WILL result in expulsion.
Can my girlfriend/boyfriend come and stay for a night?
Ask your roommate, not us. If they're cool with it, we're cool with it. (SO's must be SOBER and support your recovery).