Fox Haven

The long awaited, highly anticipated Lasko Refuge COED sober living home is finally here! Enjoy the perks that only come with a Lasko Refuge sober house. Professional house keeping, gym memberships with a pool, hot tub, and tanning, memory foam mattresses, licensed CADC counselors facilitating house meetings, and a professionally trained protection dog on the property ensuring only the people that should be there, are.

…If you haven’t heard of us, we do this sober housing thing differently. No curfews, no black out days, no taking your phone, and we don’t boot people over relapse, only lack of motivation. We build relationships with our tenants to cultivate their recovery and UA 2x as often as “other” sober housing companies to keep you accountable.

Check out our website’s FAQ and mission statement for more info about how we do things. Google us and read our reviews to understand the unprecedented value in our program.

Our premium rooms are max 2 occupancy (you will have 1 room mate) and come with everything you need including a fridge and full bath with shower. Located near 115th and Holgate.

TV Services we provide. …Because we believe you’re worth it

Amazon Prime
Xfinity on demand
HBO max
Joelle Bostick 971-313-2284