The Friendship Test

(will literally take you 0 minutes)

"Nate... How many friends did you lose when you got sober?"

Zero, homie!

I would like to offer my friends in recovery a very easy formula for your friendships now that you're sober!

If 90% of your time was spent partying with (friend) getting wasted, or preping to get wasted, or recovering from being wasted. Expect to hang out with (friend) around 90% less now that you have taken control of your life (mathematics! Hooray!)

If all you did with your "friend" is party, guess what, you now have nothing in common (sad😢boohoo) so you can go ahead and let them go (buhbye!)

It's hard in the early stages of recovery to see these people abandoning you for what you know in your gut to be the right decision... I get it. But my hindsight is 20/20 and I promise in 6 months you won't even remember them. If you do, I guarantee you won't miss them.

Trust me. I am a PROFESSIONAL alcoholic.

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