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Since I went "Facebook public" with being a professional alcoholic, and as I continue to share my experiences of a lifelong struggle with it, I keep hearing these questions "aren't you afraid of being labeled?///People will look down at you for being an addict.///You're destroying your credibility with people in real life."

My answer to these questions will always be the same. My reputation is completely worth just one person deciding to get real about their situation with drugs or alcohol. One person to decide to stop drinking, even if they don't think they have a problem. It's especially worth one normie changing their judgments of a loved one who suffers. 

I am not going to lie and pretend addiction isn't ugly, it is. But, do you know what else is ugly? 


And you don't have to be religious to get what I mean either. Non-Christains will agree that being lied to, violence, cheating, jealousy etc. Are ugly. Lemme hit you with some stats.....

1 in 3 men watch pornography. 1 in 10 "have a problem" ....Watching 12 HOURS of porn or more, per WEEK is what constitutes "having a problem."

1 in 4 people in America have an incurable sexually transmitted disease. 

1 in 11 Americans gamble to a point they've said has caused some sort of financial trouble for their families.

95% of Americans have stolen from their employer in their lifetime.

1 in 9 married woman have had sex with someone other than their husband. 1 in 8 for men (sorry doods). 

Take a look around and think of these stats next Sunday while you sit in church 😉. 

I guess I'm just a realist that doesn't throw rocks at prostitutes. Not only because Jesus told me not to, but because being judgmental is also very ugly. And probably the only "sin" where the only true victim is the perpetrator.

Last stat... 27 people die from drunk driving in America every DAY. A completely tragic number that is avoidable if we could wake up a smidge. 

BuT nAtHaN wHaT aBoUt yOUr rEpuTaTiOn!?🙄🖕


Authored December 12th 2019

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