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I came across this article this morning about Anthony Hopkins having some sort of divine intervention that "cured" his alcoholism and it's gotten me a little fired up. It's Sunday after Thanksgiving, it's morning, I'm still in bed so it's an awful time to hit this topic. But whatever shut up listen. 

I should preface this with the fact I AM a born again Christian. Many people on my facebook friends list who have seen me active in my addiction probably just spit their coffee out all over their phone🙄😬. But I assure you, it's true.

That being said, I do not endorse the "God cured me" narrative. ESPECIALLY in regards to addiction. Does it happen? I know for a fact it does! Our God is mighty and awesome! Should an addict subscribe? Nope. 

I was raised Pentecostal. Most of my family still is to this day. God bless them, I love them to the point of their faces melting off (for my non church going friends, Pentecostal is the most Jesusy Jesus juice you can sip on). They have CONVICTION that God directly intervenes with things of this nature, and that's fine, it's inspiring to see someone with that much conviction in their faith. But, in my opinion, it's a bit more indirect. 

💁‍♀️"God delivered this man from cancer and healed him!"

🤔"Maybe we should give an honorable mention to the surgeon that removed it? And all the chemotherapy too, maybe?😐"

💁‍♀️"Of course!!! Thank God for the surgeon! 

...but who guided the surgeon's hand!?!?!"


Ahem, LOVE YOU FAM! Here is why the addict shouldn't subscribe. While there is a lot of physical aspects to getting sober, it is mostly mental. It is very easy to say "I believe God will deliver me from this cancer." Then be mentally complacent. It won't really change the outcome. Addicts in recovery on the other hand, know that complacency will getcha burnt.

DO NOT just believe that God will miraculously heal you from addiction. You don't get off THAT easy. And if it comes down to salvation or sobriety you must choose sobriety first... initially. ...All the Christians on my friends list just spit their coffee out all over their phone🙄😬. 

God is absolutely with you trying to help you out of this mess my bro... Infact, studies show that an addict that commits to having a higher power in their recovery has a better chance at continued sobriety by up to 80% (yes, EIGHT ZERO). BUT! just like ALL of your other relationships, you must be 100% sober and present to cultivate it. Your relationship with Christ, or whatever your higher power may be, is no different. Do you have to be sober to be a Christian? No. But to have a relationship with Christ as HE intended, you can't be on any special sauces 🤷🏻‍♂️

GETTING SOBER MUST BE #1 so later you can make God #1. or whatever your #1 is to you. And it's on you dude! Don't read an article like this and think "well, God will just save me". You will fail! And worse, you will manifest resentment towards God, which is extremely no bueno in recovery.

I say this stuff because I have been there people, I'm not an amateur, I AM A PROFESSIONAL ALCOHOLIC.

My ultimate goal is to end the stigma and status quo surrounding mental illness, substance use, and substance abuse... I'm not sure this post does that AT ALL but I'm going to say what I'm going to say🤷🏻‍♂️ ...go clean up that coffee and change your shirt.


Authored December 1st 2019

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